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Colonial Goods - Hong Kong Menswear

Carmen Chan and Colonial Goods teamed up to capture a nice array of well-dressed guys from the East Side of the world. What came of the project was the proof that great style can be found outside of New York, London, Milan and France. Read his quote below regarding the project and be sure to hit the jump for additional imagery.
"With all the action that’s happening in New York, Milan, and Paris, I wanted to use this opportunity to capture the up and coming menswear scene here in Asia. Despite all that China wealth lined up outside the Prada/Gucci/D&G stores here in Hong Kong, I have faith that genuine quality and style will thrive."

Ethan Newton | @EthanDesu

Graeme Wong | @GuidoWongolini

Mark Cho

Wallace Chen

Justin Chang | @JustinChangHK